Hello, I'm Gianell! I live in Davao City, Philippines. I'm a freelance photographer. I do weddings and portraits most of the time but I hope to travel more and take tons of travel photos as well. I shoot using both digital and film. My film slr, Nikon FM10 was handed-down from a friend in graduate school.

I'm a lover of natural light, vintage things, old places, the color teal/seafoam green, buffalo wings, and action movies, but also a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and all of his works. 



1. Travel to Batanes December 2-10, 2016
2. Witness sunset in Santorini, Greece
3. Take photos of cherry blossom trees
4. Enter a boat house
5. Experience snow
6. Study architecture and/or interior design
7. Own a polaroid (Yeah, I mean any instant camera)
8. Visit Coron in Palawan
9. Learn to ride a bicycle
10. Learn to swim
11. Learn a new language or two Been self-studying Nihongo since Feb 2014. Does this count?
12. Be debt-free
13. Play piano instrumentals of A Thousand Miles
14. Attend a watercolor painting class
15. Ride a hot-air balloon
16. Go parasailing 05/16/2015 Boracay Island
17. Go ziplining
18. Wear a Japanese kimono/yukata Received a set of yukata as a present 08/27/2013
19. Wear a hanbok (traditional Korean dress)
20. Learn how to drive
21. Help somebody check an item off his/her list
22. Attend a calligraphy class
23. Climb a mountain
24. Witness an aurora (the Northern Lights)
25. Marry a great guy
26. Start a family
27. Meet a famous person
28. Travel abroad
29. Ghibli Museum tour
30. Travel to Switzerland 
31. Do underwater fashion photography
32. Receive a surprise birthday party
33. Go on a solo trip Batanes, December 2016
34. Shoot a Muslim wedding 07/24/2016 Kabacan, North Cotabato
35. Go beach bumming on Kalanggaman Island
36. Visit Siargao Island
37. Own a stationery shop
38. See indoor clouds by Berndnaut Smilde
39. Own a house
40. See a lavender farm/field
41. Go glamping in El Nido, Palawan
42. Go cliff-diving and not die from it
43. Visit an amusement park
44. Fly first class
45. Be published in a popular magazine 
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